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.US - America's Official Internet Address - is now available for registration. Purchase your American Web address today.
For the country with more Internet users than any other.


So if it isn't .com then what is it? The answer is the almost unheard of .us domain. This is the official two-letter 'country code top-level domain' (ccTLD) for the USA. Every country in the world has a two-letter domain allocated to it. In Germany, it is .de. In the UK, .uk and in Japan, .jp. These country code domains are all incredibly popular in their own countries. In fact, for most European and Asian countries, the country code domain is much more popular than generic domains such as .com. So why doesn't the same apply to .us in America?

The answer is that up till now .us has been a 'restricted' domain, and only been available in the 'locality space' at the third level and above. So for instance, it was possible to register www.county.arlington.va.us but not myname.us or mycompany.us. In other words, nobody could register the .us domain they wanted. Because of the restricted nature of the .us domain, American companies, organizations, and individuals naturally turned elsewhere - in particular to the .com generic top-level domain. So .com became the de facto country code domain name for America.

But all that has now changed. ICANN wisely decided to open up the .us name space, and make it available for people to register second-level domains, or as they are better known - - domain names.


  • Demonstrate your patriotism by using the official American domain
  • Reach your U.S. customers directly with an American-focused Web site
  • Communicate your values with a .us site
  • Project consistent global online branding (why be "companyusa.com" when you can be "company.us"?)
  • Didn't get the .com you wanted or needed? Get the .us Web address you want today - the new American domain is going fast


What is the .us extension for?
The .us domain name extension, or Top Level Domain (TLD), is intended for use by U.S. citizens and residents, U.S. corporations and other U.S. organizations and organizations with a presence within the United States.

Are there any restrictions relating to who can register a .us domain name?
You can register a .us domain name if you are a U.S. citizen or resident or an entity organized within the United States. Additionally, businesses and organizations with a U.S. presence can register a .us domain name.

How much does the .us domain name cost?
Please refer to http://www.microlinq.com/domain_pricing.shtml for the most up to date pricing information.

How long does the .us registration process take?
Once you have submitted your registration through MICROLINQ, your .us domain name is immediately submitted to the .us shared registration system. If the submission is successful, your domain name will appear as 'Taken' if anyone else attempts to register the same domain name.

How can someone find WHOIS and registration information about .us domain names?
To perform a WHOIS query on a domain name, please visit MICROLINQ's domain search page at http://www.microlinq.com/domain_search.shtml

Who operates the .us registry?
The .us registry is operated by NeuStar.

What is a registry?
A registry is a global or regional organization or entity that is responsible for assigning domain names and Internet addresses within a specific extension. Each country maintains its own registry through a certain company or organization. In addition, it is the registry's responsibility to record and update these domain names, as well as the information associated with them, on the root servers. A registry is usually under contract from ICANN or its respective government to control domain name registrations within a specific extension.

Where can I get an email address for my domain name?
You can get an email address for your domain name through MICROLINQ.

Is Web hosting included with my .us domain name registration?
No. If you wish to contract Web hosting for your .us domain name, you must sign up for this service separately. Please click here detailed information on our web hosting packages.

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